What does it mean when architects and home designers refer to sustainable home design?

If you believe that homes that were built with brick and mortar decades, or even a century ago, and are still standing, are sustainable, you are not alone.

Today, we go back a few steps and ask questions, like: “How was the material made that is being used to build the home? Is it an environmentally safe process?”

In essence, using natural material is only part of the building and design process. Homes may look gorgeous from the outside and inside, but if the windows slowly close on their own every time they are opened, there is something wrong with the energy flow and will impact the inhabitants in a subtle, yet powerful way.

Sustainable construction is not only an art, it has become a science. A sustainable home is one that has the least possible negative impact on our environment. This means energy efficiency, avoiding environmental toxins, using materials, and resources in a responsible manner while having a positive physical and psychological impact on its inhabitants.