Residential Permitting Services for Residential Remodeling and Custom Home Projects

Residential permit requirements are important to understand since they vary greatly depending on the city or county where you live. The following article provides information regarding residential permitting in the City of Austin, Texas.

For construction work or any type of home renovation/remodeling done on a house or property within the city limits of Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville and Cedar Park (in Travis County), Leander (in Williamson County) and Georgetown (in Williamson & Bell Counties) to legally begin, building permits must be obtained from the building official. The building official’s office is responsible for issuing building permits as well as performing inspections on new construction.

Building Permits – What Work Requires a Building Permit?

The following list includes some of the common types of renovations that require building permits:

* New home construction

* Additions to homes

* Basement excavations

* Utility lines installation

* Swimming pool building or replacement

* Porch and deck building and replacement

* Garage building and replacement

* Sunroom building

* Brick walls building

* Windows replacement

* Siding installation or replacement

This list is not all-inclusive. For information on building codes, building permit requirements and building inspections for homes in Central Texas, contact Martin House Designs at  We can expedite your building permits, along with modern blueprints that your contractor will need to successfully remodel your home.

We have building permit consultants available Monday through Friday.

Following is a partial list of additional permits or surveys your property may require:

*   Zoning Survey – A zoning survey is typically required when building a new home or building an addition that is going to alter the structure of your home in any way. In most cases, a building inspection follows directly after a building permit is received. However, before you even apply for a building permit it’s important to make sure that you follow your city building codes, building ordinances and zoning regulations.

*   Other Building Permits – When building a new home or an addition on your existing home in Austin, you might need to acquire additional building permits. Here are some that you may need:

-Electrical building permit
-Heating building permit
-Plumbing building permit
-Gas building permit

If you would like more information about the permitting process, or you need to expedite your building permit for any residential building projects in Central Texas, contact Larry Martin today at 737.414.9698.