Custom Home Design

When you are ready to start designing a residential property that fits you perfectly, choose Martin House Designs.

The First Step Toward Your Custom Home

Building designer, Larry Martin of Martin House Designs has been creating Custom Home Design blueprints for residents of Austin and beyond for over 20 years. During your consultation, Larry will get an in-depth idea of what you want in your dream home, including:

  • The contents of your wish list
  • Where your house will be located
  • How large your home will be
  • What features you absolutely cannot live without

The first draft is typically completed in three weeks, depending on the size of your project.

Custom Home Design

Larry Martin Will Keep An Eye on Construction

Martin House Designs will oversee the entire building process to make sure your home is completed correctly. In addition to custom home designs, Larry Martin creates designs for remodels and additions.

Having your building designer on site is extremely helpful because most people do not know what they are looking at during construction. With a keen eye and extensive knowledge in residential construction, Larry Martin will ensure the highest caliber of workmanship. Get in touch with Larry.

Custom Home Design